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About Søren Hyldgaard

Søren Hyldgaard was a Film and Media major at University of Copenhagen when the muses called upon him in the mid 80es. In 1987 he submitted an orchestral score to the Danish National Radio Composers Contest and won 1st prize along with many enquiries for more music and orchestral arrangements. During the 1980’s the new music genre New Age was becoming a reality. Hyldgaard perceived the music form as a channel for his melodic side, and consequently, in 1988, Søren release ed ‘Flying Dreams’, his first CD album with Fønix Musik, a leading label for New Age and World Music in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. ‘Flying Dreams’ went on to sell well over 100.000 albums and has received both Platinum and Double Platinum Awards. Hyldgaard’s ‘secret formula’ was his relying on thorough compositions and orchestrations and the use of real instruments instead of the usual synthesizer pads.

Following a string of short flims, documentary scores and commercials, Søren got his chance with director Peter Flinth—a graduating filmmaker from The National Film School who was looking for a theatrical, symphonic score for his 35mm graduation project. The result was the fantasy film ‘The Last Ferry’ that both looked and sounded like a professional movie. Peter Flinth was satisfied, grateful and fought diligently to give Hyldgaard a chance at scoring his ambitious and expensive debut film, the adventure drama ‘The Eye of the Eagle’ which premiered in the spring of 1997. Since then, Søren has worked with Flinth on numerous films.

Søren Hyldgaard continues to write music for a variety of feature films and television projects and has received numerous awards and nominations, winning the “Robert” of The Danish Film Academy for his romantic comedy score for ‘Den Eneste Ene’ (The One and Only). Søren has also scored the American feature film ‘Red’, a tense drama labelled a ‘Neo Western’ and starring Brian Cox and Tom Sizemore.

Premiering at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2013, Hyldgaard’s most recent international credit is his score for THE STRANGER INSIDE  trailer

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